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3min July 28th, 2022
AdVanCe Women

New Zealand Venue Co. is committed to working towards equality across all roles. We commit to growing female representation by 2% each year in any underrepresented roles.

About AdVanCe Women

About AdVanCe Women

What is AdVanCe Women?

AdVanCe Women connects women+ team members with a leader for one-to-one career mentorship.

AdVanCe is a training & development program that is open to all team members who work in a venue.

Who can sign up for AdVanCe Women?

Women + team members

How does AdVanCe Women Work?

To sign up as a Mentee, team members can fill out a brief form about their goals and objectives. Our People & Culture Team will match the Mentee with a few possible Mentors,  and the Mentee can choose which Mentor they would like to work with.

What’s the advantage of AdVanCe Women?

We’re about growing our talent and helping you achieve your goals in the hospitality industry. We’ll give you one-on-one access to leading mentors from across the country who will share their knowledge and experience.

Popular Areas of Development:

Not only will we build on your vision and careers aspirations, but the program will help expand your soft skills and build your confidence in:

    • relationship management
    • conflict resolution
    • managing teams
    • leadership and teamwork
    • communication

How to apply

AdVanCe is NZVC’s training & development program which is open to all team members who work in a venue. Click below to sign up today!


I Want to be Mentored

I Want to be a Mentor

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