Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

NZ Venue Co Limited (NZBN 9429047059696) and its related bodies corporate (NZ Venue Co.) are committed to the responsible service of alcohol to ensure a healthy, safe and friendly environment for our patrons and team members in accordance with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and with community expectations.

As a licensee, harm minimisation and responsible service of alcohol is a key objective of NZ Venue Co.; we have strict measures and practices in place to reduce the risks of alcohol misuse and abuse on our licensed premises. We strive to provide an enjoyable, safe and welcoming environment for all our patrons and pride ourselves on being responsible hosts.


All team members involved in the sale, service, and supply of alcohol will be trained on responsible service and the venue’s Host Responsibility Policy.

All Duty Managers will hold a valid Licence Controller Qualification and Managers Certificate to ensure the venue operates in compliance with the legislation and conditions of the licence.


NZ Venue Co. is aware of the potential for people under the age of 18 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages on NZ Venue Co. premises. Accordingly, NZ Venue Co. is committed to taking all possible measures to ensure minors do not purchase or consume alcohol.

Venue team members endeavor to prevent underage drinking by requesting photo identification from any persons who appears under 25 years of age and only accept the approved forms of photo ID as permitted under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Regulations 2013.


Team members understand it is an offense to:

  • Allow an intoxicated person to enter the premises
  • Sell or supply alcohol to an intoxicated person
  • Allow a person to become intoxicated
  • Allow an intoxicated person to be or remain on a licensed premises
  • Allow disorderly conduct on the premises

NZ Venue Co. does not sanction or approve any promotions that may encourage the rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol in any of its venues which may lead to intoxication.  Team members are required to encourage and promote responsible consumption of alcohol.

The service of alcohol requires team members to make assessments about refusing alcohol when it is perceived that another drink will result in intoxication. Team members have the full support of management in making such assessments.

All team members have the right to refuse service or entry to any patron who displays signs of undue intoxication.

Duty of Care

NZ Venue Co. acknowledges its duty of care to patrons by taking all reasonable steps to ensure their safety while on the premises and, in cases of intoxication, to facilitate their smooth departure from the premises.

Safe Premises

Abusive, argumentative, indecent or violent behavior is not tolerated, and offenders will be removed from NZ Venue Co.’s premises.